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Transportation Master Plan

What is a Transportation Master Plan? 

A Transportation Master Plan is a strategic document that identifies transportation facilities, services and policies to guide future transportation infrastructure initiatives. The document is brought to life through long-range financial plans, mid-range implementation strategies, identifying near-term needs, and other guidelines to reflect and address a community's immediate and long-term transportation needs.

Want to get involved? 

To learn about public engagement related to the Transportation Master Plan, visit: https://yourview.thebluemountains.ca/transportation-master-plan


Our transportation network serves as the backbone of our community. It shapes and defines our neighbourhoods and villages while providing the structure that allows us to accomplish our daily activities. It's the way we move our goods and provide our services and allows the opportunity to choose our methods of transportation whether we travel by foot, wheelchair, bike, car, bus, truck, or tractor.

Alongside the broader South Georgian Bay region, the Town of The Blue Mountains has experienced significant growth and development over the past few years and will continue to see this growth into the foreseeable future. To strategically prepare for this continued growth and enhance our existing transportation network, the Town is undertaking the development of a comprehensive Transportation Master Plan.

The Transportation Master Plan will explore options of providing a safer, more efficient, resilient, and reliable transportation system in the Town. This document will develop a vision, define actions and policies, and provide a financial strategy to address the short, medium, and long-term transportation needs of the community.

A well-designed and cohesive transportation system benefits the entire community and offers a variety of travel options to suit individual needs and abilities. The Transportation Master Plan will shape how we travel, help us further understand and define our regional connections, and support the movement of our goods and services throughout the region.


To ensure a comprehensive and thoughtful approach, the project will be undertaken in phases, beginning with a community assessment that aims to identify and define the transportation and land-use context in the Town. Community and stakeholder engagement is crucial to fully understand what the Town should consider when establishing the various actions and policies within the finalized plan.

The Transportation Master Plan is a significant project for the Town, not only because of the diverse travel activities of our community, but because everyone who lives in, or visits the Town may be impacted by the strategic direction of the completed Plan. Fundamentally, the success of this project relies on input and feedback from residents of the community and stakeholder groups. The process of this project is just as important as the final plan itself.


Transportation Master Plan