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Thornbury Gas Station - Hwy 26 & Elma Street

Thornbury Gas Station – 40 Arthur Street West

The Town of The Blue Mountains received a zoning by-law amendment application on August 22, 2013, requesting site specific amendments to the Highway Commercial (C2) zone of the Town of Thornbury Zoning By-law 10-77, as applies to 40 Arthur Street West, Thornbury.  The request included, but was not necessarily limited to, various site specific amendments to applicable setbacks and parking locations for a gas bar use on the lands.  The re-zoning application did not establish any new uses that were not already permitted within the Highway Commercial (C2) zone of Zoning By-law 10-77.  Amending By-law 2014-82 was approved by Council on November 24, 2014. The Zoning that permits the use of the land remains in place and is not subject to an expiry date. 

The lands received site plan approval in 2015 for the design and layout of the gas bar and retail store on the lands in accordance with the provisions of amending By-law 2014-82. Due to a change in ownership, the site plan agreement was not executed prior to the sale of the lands. Site Plan Approval remains in place for 3 years.  If a Site Plan Approval expires, the site plan review process must start over.  Site Plan Approval has an expiry date to ensure that the proposed development is completed to the design standards of the day and that the financial obligations such as the payment for additional parkland, development charges, and securities are kept current. 

The new owner’s re-activated the file in 2018 and provided an updated drawing package reflecting the change in ownership. The agreement associated with the approved Site Plan was executed by the new owner within the 3 year period and subsequently registered on-title of the lands.  Building Permits have now been issued, in accordance with all applicable law.

A timeline of the application review of the site specific zoning amendment for the lands is included below.

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