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Bayside Development (formerly Georgian Glen) (Clarksbury)

The applicants are proposing to create 54 new single detached residential lots, along with associated blocks for stormwater management and open space through Plan of Subdivision Application 42T-2017-01.  A zoning by-law amendment application has also been submitted the effect of which is to re-zone a portion of the subject lands from the ‘R6-176-h’ zone to the ‘R3-175-h’ zone to change the permitted uses to allow the proposed single detached residential units.  The zones would also be subject to a Holding -h symbol that would restrict development until the Holding symbol is removed, which will require the registration of the Plan of Subdivision and the execution of a Development Agreement.

The development is referred to as the Clarksbury Development – former Georgian Glen.  A previous draft plan of subdivision (42T-2002-06 - Georgian Glen) was draft approved in 2005 for the subject lands however draft approval has expired.  The previous draft approved plan consisted of a total 60 residential units (44 single detached and 16 townhouses).  The proposed subdivision plan replaces the former 16 townhouses with single detached dwellings.  The proposed development includes the existing Street ‘A’ identified on the proposed plan and the completion of Street ‘B’ which was partially constructed in 2008.  The County makes the decision on the Plan of Subdivision and the Town makes the decision on the Zoning By-law Amendment.

A Public Meeting, as required under the Planning Act, was held on December 4, 2017.

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Clarkbury - Georgian Glen