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Mission, Vision & Values

Organizations wishing to remain at the forefront of innovation must continually look for opportunities to better deliver services by being:

  • More efficient
  • More effective

We must remain in step with the needs of our community members. Thinking strategically and making a commitment to continuous improvement is essential to our long-term success.

This Corporate Strategic Plan is about:

  • Managing change
  • Taking our service to the next level
  • Making certain we retain our unique community character
  • Capitalizing on the opportunities that will allow the Town to achieve long-term sustainable success

This Plan is a reflection of the collective priorities of Council and, to this end, articulates clearly where Council and staff will place their efforts over the current term of Council.

Having a Corporate Strategic Plan in place for the Town provides a roadmap for Council Members over their term of office and a guidebook for staff that summarizes strategic actions to assist in aligning resources.

The Vision Statement describes a picture for the future; a sense of what makes the Town of The Blue Mountains special and unique. It represents a significant challenge and will require the Town to make a focused and direct effort to achieve. The Vision should stimulate leadership activity, commitment and participation beyond the Town’s current leadership.

The Town of The Blue Mountains – An approachable Council and Staff serving an engaged and well informed community.

A Mission Statement is an informal statement that defines the purpose of an organization. It defines an organization’s reason for existing.

At the Town of The Blue Mountains:

Council and Staff together foster the trust of our community and support our region's diverse cultural and natural heritage through thoughtful consultation and organizational excellence.

Values are the governing principles that guide our organization on a daily basis. The Town’s values have been developed through collaboration with Council and Staff to work towards the common goal of striving to be the best local government for the residents it serves.

At the Town of The Blue Mountains, we believe in:

EXCELLENCE- Providing conscientious service to our community and to each other

INTEGRITY - Being honest, consistent and fair in all we do 

ACCOUNTABILITY - Ensuring responsible and transparent governance 

INCLUSIVITY - Respecting and engaging every voice 

STEWARDSHIP - Honouring the past, caring for the present, leading towards a sustainable future 

We are committed to doing our best and doing the right things for our community. We are constantly looking to improve our services and to enhance our practices of striving towards municipal service excellence.

In every regard, Staff and Council balance these three interdependent pillars to secure the responsible use of resources and restoration of nature to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Pillars of Sustainability:

1. Environmental Resilience: We are stewards of our geography, biodiverse ecosystems and unique microclimate

2. Social and Cultural Vitality: Our resourceful and caring urban and rural residents enjoy a high quality of life and face any challenges together

3. Economic Balance: Our community has a diversified economy, ever mindful of our agricultural roots and role as a premier four-season destination


Shawn Everitt
Chief Administrative Officer
519-599-3131 x234