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Tyrolean Village Watermain Replacement and Wastewater Servicing

Project Information

The Town of the Blue Mountains (the Town) is considering extending wastewater servicing along Tyrolean Lane and Birch View Trail. In addition, the existing watermain infrastructure along Tyrolean Lane, Kandahar Lane, and Birch View Trail will also be replaced to ensure the reliability of the distribution system.

In 2018, The Town of The Blue Mountains Staff prepared a “Water and Wastewater Servicing Extension Plan”, which identified Birch View Trail and Tyrolean Lane as candidates for wastewater servicing. In the 2020 budget, Council approved the project for the installation of sanitary sewers and service connections to the residents on Birch View Trail and Tyrolean Lane. The proposed wastewater servicing will include the installation of sanitary sewers in the roadway and service connections to property line. The proposed services will replace the need for existing private septic systems or holding tanks.

Furthermore, there have been several watermain breaks in the Tyrolean Village area associated with the age and original pipe material used. As such, a watermain replacement project was also included in the approved 2020 budget to address these concerns. Since the proposed watermain replacements are for existing infrastructure, there will be no additional cost to the residents.

The project will include restoration only in areas disturbed by the installation of the necessary infrastructure. Full road reconstruction is not being considered as part of this project.

In late November 2020 the Town awarded the contract for the completion of the detailed engineering design and contract administration to WT Infrastructure Solutions Inc. It is anticipated that the detailed design will be completed in the fall of 2021 with construction beginning in the spring of 2022.

A virtual Public Information Centre was held on Thursday May 6th, 2021 to gather input from stakeholders and to discuss the criteria for division and payment of the costs associated with the Wastewater Servicing. A recording of the meeting can be found here.

Project Status - Final Engineering

Project Updates

Notices and Background Reports

Notice of PIC May 6th, 2021 - Tyrolean Village 

Lane Restriction Notice Arlberg Crescent - Kandahar Lane to Birchview Trail

Lane Restriction Notice Birchview Trail - Arlberg Crescent to North End

Lane Restriction Notice Kandahar Lane - Arlberg Crescent to Tyrolean Lane 

Lane Restriction Notice Tyrolean Lane -Arlberg Crescent to Kandahar Lane 

Notification of Construction - RE: Upcoming Construction Activity on Birch View Trail North of Arlberg Crescent - March 2021
(Link to delivered notice)

Notification of Project - Tyrolean Village Watermain Replacement and Wastewater Servicing - December 2020
(Link to mailed notice)

Contact Information

For additional information contact:

Jamie Witherspoon, P.Eng.
WT Infrastructure Solutions Inc.
Email: jamie.witherspoon@wtinfrastructure.ca
Phone: 519-400-6701
Senior Infrastructure Capital Project Coordinator
Town of The Blue Mountains
Phone: 519-599-3131 ext. 304