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Residential Building Permits

Building permits give legal permission to construct, demolish or renovate on a property. Constructing without the benefit of a building permit may result in construction delays and the removal of work completed. The checklists below are guides to assist in better understanding the requirements for submitting a complete building permit application. You may also refer to the Municipal Building By-law which provides detailed operational and procedural requirements and also includes a detailed building permit fee schedule.

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Citizens' Guide to Building Permits

Accessory Buildings

Additions & Renovations

Accessory_Building_Document Additions_and_Renovations_Document



Decks_Form Demolition_Document

Dwelling - Septic System

Dwelling - Municipally Serviced

Dwelling_Document Dwelling_Document

Finished Basement

Accessory Apartments

Finished_Basement_Document Secondary_Apartments_Document

Site Alteration Fill Permit Application
Masonry Fireplace Permit
Solar Domestic Hot Water System Permit
Tent Permit
Sewer and or Water Connection Permit Guide
Dwelling with Municipal Water & Private Sewer

Signs to be erected within the The Blue Mountains shall comply with the Sign By-law, which regulates sign specifications such as: Size, Shape, Material, Display, and Maintenance. A sign permit application, drawings and fee ($75.00, including HST) may be required prior to the installation of a sign. To request a Sign Permit Application Form, please contact By-law Enforcement.

All applications, forms, drawings and related documents shall be submitted electronically by email in PDF format to Building Services OR by using the Town's secure SHARE FILE system.

  • Permit Submissions must include the BCIN holder or Architect or Engineer, to stamp the Engineered Flooring layout(s) and Truss Layout to acknowledge that they have reviewed the documentation in coordination with the proposed permit drawings.  Please see the list below of all the information that is required in the submitted documents:
  • Truss layout to be stamped by the BCIN holder/Engineer/Architect
  • Engineered flooring layout to be stamped by the BCIN holder/Engineer/Architect
  • Truss and flooring layouts are to note the size and type of any required hangers
  • Truss and flooring layouts are to note bearing for any multi-ply flooring members and any 2-ply (and greater) girder trusses.
  • The requirement for these changes will take effect September 1st, 2021.
  • Individual truss details, stamped by a professional engineer, will continue to be accepted by the Building Department not less than 10 days prior to a framing inspection. The individual truss details are not required to be submitted at time of permit application.

  • All building permit applications and related documents shall be submitted in a “Portable Document Format”, also known as Adobe Acrobat or PDF (version seven or higher). 
  • All documents within the entire building permit application package must open without a password, and be enabled to print in high resolution, enabled for searching contents, enabled to have notes and stamps provided; and be accessible for the visually impaired. 
  • All Building Services forms are available on the Permits page of the Town’s website in fillable PDF format. They shall be completed and signed (hand signature or electronic/digital signature accepted). 
  • Submissions with multiple pages or sets may be sent in individual files if file size is too large.  
  • Commercial projects shall have Mechanical (HVAC and Plumbing), Electrical/Emergency lighting/fire alarm, sprinkler and other fire safety systems to be submitted as part of the building permit set. 
  • Shoring and Foundation and other structural plans/drawings set to be also included as part of the building set. 
  • Fire Schematic Layout including floor plans and cross section(s) including all fire resistance rating and fire separations as required by the Ontario Building Code shall be included with the building set. 

To maintain the quality of permit records, drawings shall not be submitted via fax. For security reasons, submissions by USB Drive ('Key'), flash media or file sharing services (such as “Dropbox”, “Google Drive” or “iCloud”, etc.) are not accepted. Building Services will provide a secure Share File link to upload your documents and files.  Submit permit applications and files using our secure SHARE FILE system.

Permit Submission:

When a permit submission is received by Building Services, a permit file name is created.  Building Services Staff will review for a complete application.  An email will be sent to the applicant acknowledging the submission and providing the building permit file number, which is to be used for all future correspondence.  This will be followed by an email after permit review (see below) stating any outstanding documents if the submission is not deemed to be complete. 

Permit Review:

Once the Plans Examiner has completed review of the permit submission, building permit fees, any concerns or outstanding information required will be sent to the applicant via email.

Permit Issuance:

After approval and payment of fees for an electronically submitted application and issuance of the permit by Building Services, you will receive your Reviewed Drawing Set electronically via email.  Please print a set of all approved drawings or specifications (in colour) and ensure this reviewed drawing set is available to the inspector on-site for every inspection.  

Site Revisions: 

Where a submission is being made to address a deficiency identified by a Building Inspector/Examiner, an electronic copy of the revised plans shall be submitted with the changes clearly labelled with revisions noted.  A fee for revisions may be applicable as per Building By-Law #2014-18.

Once a complete application including supporting documentation is received our Staff will review and communicate with the applicant per the following Ontario Building Code Act mandated timelines:

  • 10 business days for a residential building permit application
  • 15 business days for a small commercial building permit application
  • 30 business days for a large commercial building permit application
  • Replacing or installing asphalt shingles on a roof
  • Minor roof sheathing repairs
  • Repointing brick veneer
  • Damp proofing of a basement
  • Replacing siding on a house
  • Replacing a window or a door (if same size or smaller opening)
  • Kitchen or bathroom cabinets
  • New flooring
  • Installing air conditioning units
  • Replacing an existing furnace
  • Fences (not enclosing a pool) See Pool Fence By-law 2002-8
  • Pool heaters
  • Painting or decorating
  • Landscaping (a Town Municipal Works or Entrance Permit may be required)

Under the Ontario Building Code Act, a building permit is required for the construction of a new building, an addition, or alteration of any building or structure with a building area of over 10 square metres (approximately 108 square feet). The following are examples of (not limited to) projects requiring a building permit:

  • Decks that are:
    • adjacent to or attached to the house and its walking surface is more than 600 millimetres (24 inches) above the adjacent grade
    • elevated and providing principal access to a building
    • independent from the house and has a walking surface greater than 10 square metres (108 square feet) in area and its walking surface is more than 600 millimetres (24 inches) above the adjacent grade
  • Attached or detached garages and sheds
  • Installation of solid fuel appliances (woodstoves and wood burning fireplaces)
  • Sunrooms, solariums and porches
  • Structural foundation repairs, installation of new or repair of weeping tile
  • Interior and/or exterior structural alterations, such as:
    • adding or removing walls
    • one or two storey additions
    • adding new windows (where none existed before)
    • enlarging or relocating a window or a door
    • finishing a basement
    • adding a bedroom in a finished basement
    • Adding new plumbing (drains, waste or vents)
    • Installing a backflow prevention device
  • A new private on-site sewage system (septic system)
  • Repair or replace a septic system
  • Repair or replace a septic system leaching bed
  • Class five Sewage Systems (where permitted in The Blue Mountains)
  • Connection from a private septic system to a municipal sewer
  • Decommissioning a septic tank
  • Storm or grey water systems
  • Structures used in the support of a wind turbine generator with a rated output of more than  three kW
  • Solar projects such as solar collector systems and solar hot water systems
  • Livestock buildings
  • Equipment storage buildings
  • Silos
  • Manure storage structures (excluding earthen structures)
  • Riding Arena
  • Fabric type structures
  • Demolition
  • Change of Use (i.e. office to retail)
  • Cash, Cheque or Debit at the Town Hall 
  • Mail or Courier a cheque to 32 Mill Street, PO Box 310, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0, Attn: Building Services
  • Credit Cards - When the total amount due is $2000 or less we can accept payment by Visa or MasterCard; please phone in your card information for processing or come see us at the Building Counter 2nd floor town hall.





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