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Official Plan

What is an Official Plan?

An official plan describes policies on how land in your community should be used. It is prepared with input from you and others in your community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of your community.

An official plan deals mainly with issues such as:

  • Where new housing, industry, offices and shops will be located
  • What services (roads, watermains, parks and schools) will be needed
  • When, and in what order, parts of your community will grow
  • Community improvement initiatives

The policies and designations of the Official Plan are intended to guide development in the Town for a 20 year period.

Town of The Blue Mountains Official Plan

This Official Plan is divided into six parts, each of which is described below:

Official Plan - Full document (Text Only)

Approved Policy Section B2.5 (Short Accommodation Uses) 

See Schedules (Maps) below for link to associated maps.

  • Part A - Community Vision
  • Contains the vision of the Town 
  • This vision was prepared by the Town and is based on an understanding of past and future trends and the wishes of the Town’s residents and business owners 
  • The goals and strategic objectives that form the basis of the Plan flow from the vision
  • These goals and strategic objectives also establish a framework for the other objectives and policies in the Plan 
  • This section of the Plan also describes how it is to be implemented through land use designations
  • Part C: Water, Environmental and Hazard Policies
  • Contains the policies dealing with watercourses, natural hazards, watershed planning and surface and groundwater resources throughout the Town
  • In addition, policies that specify the requirements for matters such as stormwater management reports, environmental impact studies, tree preservation, the development of contaminated sites, land use compatibility, noise and vibration reports and energy conservation are contained in this section
  • Part D - General Development Policies
  • Contains policies that, where appropriate, must be considered as part of the land use planning process 
  • This includes subdivision of land, community design, cultural heritage resources, transportation, parkland and open space, water and sewage servicing, public uses and housing
  • Part F - Secondary Plans
  • Contains more detailed planning policies for specific geographic areas in the Town and includes the Secondary Plan for the Castle Glen Resort Area

The Official Plan can be altered through an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) process. The OPA process allows for site specific amendments to the plan and also allows for the establishment of new policies. Official Plan Amendments are adopted by Town Council and approved by Grey County. Please contact Planning Services for a copy of the Official Plan Amendment Form.


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