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Municipal Infrastructure Projects

The Town is continually planning and updating municipal infrastructure. Road surfaces, water and wastewater pipes and all pieces of the municipal built environment require periodic renewal. This process of scheduled maintenance and planned reconstruction keeps infrastructure functioning and in a sustainable condition.

The Interactive Capital Map includes a brief overview of all Capital Projects being completed in 2021.

The items below are dedicated project pages for works currently being planned or constructed.

Wastewater Servicing Methodology

The Town recently passed a Wastewater Servicing Methodology Policy to outline the means by which the selection of wastewater servicing will be made when extending municipal wastewater services. This policy also clarifies the ownership and operation of grinder pumps servicing properties that are connected to low pressure sanitary systems.

The Policy confirms that when a municipal wastewater servicing extension to an un-serviced area of Town is being considered, a comparison of life cycle costs over a 20-year period will be completed to select the preferred municipal servicing alternative. In most instances, the alternative with the lowest life-cycle cost will be preferred. There may however be circumstances where the costs are relatively close or that there are other factors such as property owner preference, future extension capacity or other factors that warrant another alternative being selected as the preferred option. Other overriding considerations may be the protection of the natural environment or another priority reason by the Town.

The Wastewater Servicing Methodology Policy is available for download.

Affordability Policy

For information regarding Affordability Criteria for Water and Wastewater Service Extensions, please visit the Finance and IT Services Affordability Policy webpage.

The Affordability Policy is available for download.

Participate in Public Information Centres

Individuals wishing to participate in Public Information Centres can sign-up through the Public Information Centre Registration Form. Public Information Centres are held to inform the public about upcoming municipal infrastructure projects and are a source of valuable feedback from residents and stakeholders.

Engineering Standards

To obtain a copy of the 2009 Town of The Blue Mountains Engineering Standards please click here:  2009 TOBM Engineering Standards 


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