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Monuments & Memorials

There are a number of different monument and memorial options available to memorialize loved ones. However, due to a variety of safety and maintenance considerations, Cemetery Staff must approve all monuments and memorials before they are installed to ensure that they conform to set standards.

There are a number of monument options available to be placed in the cemetery. Please note that a permit is required for all monuments and that not all monuments are permitted on all types of plots. For more information, please contact Cemetery Staff

Corner Markers

Corner markers are small six inch square stone markers that mark the corners of a plot. They are customarily engraved with a last name or a family relationship (ex. mother or father). Corner markers are included in the purchase of plots.

Flat Monuments

Are monuments that are generally rectangular in shape and are installed so that they lie flush with the ground.

Pillow Monuments

Are monuments that are similar to flat markers but raised up slightly above ground level.

Upright Monuments

Are the more traditional monuments found in cemeteries.

Single Plot

  • One Flat Marker
  • Two Corner Markers

Double Plot

  • One Upright Monument or Pillow Marker
  • Two Flat Markers – no pillow markers may be placed in front of upright monuments
  • Two Corner Markers

Cremation Plot

  • One Flat Marker

Monuments, apart from corner markers, are not sold by the cemetery and must be purchased from a monument provider. However, you must purchase a Monument Installation Permit to obtain permission to install a monument in the cemetery.

Permit Fees

Flat Marker $50.00
Small Upright Monument $100.00
Large Upright Monument $200.00

All prices are subject to HST

Niche shutters are included in the purchase of each niche in the columbarium.  However, shutter engraving is not included and must be performed by a monument provider.  

Permit Requirements

A Niche Shutter Permit must be obtained before a niche shutter can be engraved.  There is no fee associated with this permit.

Shutter engraving must meet the following standards:

  • Individual Condensed Roman font type 
  • Names must be a font size of 1-3/16” or smaller
  • Relationships must be a font size of 1-1/8” or smaller
  • Dates must be a font size of 7/8” or smaller
  • Etched designs and pictures are permitted
  • No coloured pictures or coloured designs are permitted

Memorial Benches and Trees are available for purchase from the Town.  For more information about purching this type of memorial tribute, please visit our Parks & Trails page.

For more information about floral tributes and lot care, please visit our Floral Tributes & Lot Care page.

Please report any incidents of monument and memorial damage to Cemetery Staff as soon as possible.  Do not attempt to repair or move any monuments or memorials within the cemetery.

Urgent Afterhours Cemetery Requests

Please call 519-599-3131 ext. 281 and leave a message with your name and phone number, indicating you have an urgent cemetery request.

For more information about what to do and what support is available when a loved one dies in Ontario, visit the Provincial Government’s Website.



Cemetery Staff
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