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Monterra Phase 2

The purpose and effect of the application is to amend draft approved subdivision 42T-89009 to allow changes to the lot layout and eliminate a multi-residential block draft approved for 25 townhouse units. These changes are requested to accommodate adjustments to proposed on-site stormwater management facilities. A total of 32 single detached residential lots are proposed.

The application for Zoning By-law Amendment proposes to revise the current configuration of the Open Space ‘OS2’ and Residential (R3) zones on the property to reflect the proposed redline revisions to the draft plan. The changes will result in additional open space areas to accommodate stormwater management facilities and will remove the multi-residential townhouse block. A Residential Exception (R3-X-h) zone is proposed for the lots abutting the golf course to provide a 15 metre buffer to future dwellings. The Holding ‘h’ symbol is being considered to ensure that the development does not proceed until a Subdivision Agreement has been executed and the Plan of Subdivision is registered.

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Monterra Phase 2