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 New Short Term Accomodation (STA) Interactive Map

Welcome to The Blue Mountains’ GIS!

What is GIS?

Geographic Information System (GIS) provides users the ability to capture, analyze and present geographic information. GIS is a powerful tool used for problem solving, decision making processes and presenting information through maps.

GIS technology is used in The Blue Mountains in land use planning, transportation plans, water and wastewater servicing infrastructure, emergency services response, recreational trails design, property information, civic addressing, by-law enforcement and asset management.

Mapping Products

The Town is pleased to offer a variety of interactive maps and downloadable maps. By accessing the interactive maps or downloadable maps, users accept the terms of use listed below.

Interactive Town Map

Last Update: May 2018

The Town maintains an up-to-date list of active infrastructure projects and development projects. To learn more about ongoing projects, visit the links below and click on any project to obtain project information and view the interactive web map. 

What is a Municipal Infrastructure Project?

The Town is continually planning and updating municipal infrastructure. Road surfaces, water and wastewater pipes, and all pieces of the municipal built environment require periodic renewal. This process of scheduled maintenance and planned reconstruction keeps infrastructure functioning and in a sustainable condition. These "Capital Projects" include studies and environmental assessments as well as construction and reconstruction projects. To learn more about Capital Projects being completed, visit the Interactive Capital Map. 

What is a Development Project?

The Planning and Development Services Department is responsible for the review and processing of a variety of development planning applications that are submitted to the Town. For more information, visit Planning Applications & Forms. To learn more about current developments, visit the Active Development Map. 

Thornbury Clarksburg Area Map

Thornbury - Clarksburg Area Map

Last Update: May 2018

Craigleith - Swiss Meadows Area Map

Last Update: May 2018

street map Blue Mountains Map Book

Street Map

Last Update: January 2019

The Blue Mountains Map Book

Last Update: April 2019

Grey and Simcoe Counties offer online interactive GIS maps. These online mapping applications combines digital mapping with land related information for each County. This enables you to zoom into a desired location and view various aspects such as; aerial imagery, property information, environmental features, tourist information, etc.

Grey County Maps

Simcoe County Maps

street map

Town Facilities Map

Last Update: February 2018

LiDAR Data

Craigleith Camperdown Subwatershed Study Update

In partnership with Grey County and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA), funding was received from Public Safety Canada through the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) to update the 1993 Craigleith Camperdown Subwatershed. The study included updating the topographical mapping and Flood Risk Assessment throughout the GSCA watershed, the Town of The Blue Mountains, the Craigleith Camperdown Subwatershed area, Climate Change impacts and Snowmelt runoff. The update provided 0.5 metre contours throughout the Town.

Purchase LiDAR Data

To purchase the LiDAR data within the Town of The Blue Mountains, please complete the LiDAR Data Request form.  See the LiDAR Reference Map for additional information.

If the area you’re interested in is outside the Town’s boundary, please contact Grey County or Grey Sauble Conservation Authority.

street map Blue Mountains Map Book

Street Map

Last Update: January 2019

The Blue Mountains Map Book

Last Update: April 2019

Trail Story Map COMING SOON!
  • Thornbury (Beaver River Trail)
  • Craigleith (Nippissing Ridge Trail)
Trail Network

Trail Networks

Last Update: 2011

Zoning Schedule A

Zoning By-law Schedule A

DRAFT Zoning By-law Schedule A - Interactive



Zoning By-law Schedule A - Interactive

Last Update: November 2018 Last update: November 2018

The information and products found in this site have been compiled from numerous sources. Although, all data are believed to have been substantially accurate as of the date(s) created and/or as of the date(s) acquired by the Town. Some of the data contained herein remain in their original form, while some of the data may have since been modified. The Town of The Blue Mountains or any other data provider, makes no warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, or correctness of such products, nor accepts any liability arising from any incorrect, incomplete or misleading information contained therein.

 The information within this site is intended for illustration purposes and personal use only. The mapping products are not a legal survey. Maps containing property boundaries are not plan of survey.

All mapping products or information contained in this site may not be reproduced or transmitted to others in any way without the written permission of The Corporation of the Town of The Blue Mountains.


GIS Maps
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