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Ken Havens

Planning Services received an application for a Plan of Subdivision, Plan of Common Element Condominium in November 2009.  The purpose of these applications is to consider a proposed 18 lot Plan of Subdivision.  The Plan of Subdivision proposes to create the 19 individual Lots, plus Blocks consisting of existing wetlands, hazard lands and a stormwater management pond.  The Common Elements Condominium proposes condominium ownership of the internal road and the wetland/hazard/stormwater blocks. 

The subject lands are located at Part Lot 21, Concession 1 and are bounded on two sides by Brophy’s Lane.  The lands are approximately 3.48 hectares in size, are mostly tree covered and also include a Provincially Significant Wetland.  Surrounding land uses include existing single detached residential uses to the north and scattered single detached residential uses and future development lands including the proposed Terrasan Project to the south and to the east.  The shores of Nottawasaga Bay are located approximately 200 metres north of the property.  To the east is the Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Municipal water is available along both frontages of Brophy’s Lane.  Municipal sewers do not front the property and are proposed to be extended from the east to service the 18 lots.

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