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Aquavil – East and West Neighbourhoods

Development Name: Aquavil – East and West Neighbourhoods

Applicant: Royalton Homes

Applications:  The County and the Town did receive land-use planning applications on the lands locally known as the Aquavil project. A site-specific local Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment applications to update the development concept associated with subject property had been submitted to the municipalities.

These Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment applications were subsequently withdrawn by the Applicant. The Applicant will develop the lands in accordance with the land use permissions provided by current Town Official Plan policy and Zoning By-law provisions.

Note that the Applicant has also subsequently withdrawn their application to the County of Grey regarding the request for Redline Revision of the Draft Plan of Subdivision and associated Conditions (County File No. 42T-2012-03, Town File No. 2846).  That amended Redline Revision had included the following proposed changes:

  • Provision of a 5 metre road widening along east side of Blue Mountain Drive.
  • MTO positions and comments on road widenings, daylight triangles and 0.3 metre reserves.
  • Street “D” road allowance dimensions (opposite Hope Street at Highway 26) as per MTO comments.
  • Inclusion of single detached lotting along Street “E” to allow increase in depth of lots (and corresponding decrease in area of Block 4 of 0.1 hectares)
  • Addition of a Block at north east terminus of Street “E” to allow for an emergency access connection via Brophy’s Lane.

Town and County staff will continue to review the current draft approved plan and consider potential revisions to the Draft Plan and Conditions of Draft Approval and will bring forward future staff reports to our respective councils. 


The Aquavil project has existing land-use planning approvals including local Official Plan policies, Zoning By-law provisions and an approved Draft Plan of Subdivision that is subject to several conditions.  The current approvals enable the development of up to 340 dwelling units and 9,100 sq.m of commercial uses spread over an “East Neighbourhood” and a “West Neighbourhood”.

Note that the Owner has been issued GSCA Permit No. GS19-134 authorizing tree removal for an entrance road to the property.  The Owner has also been issued MTO Entrance Permit EN-2021-31L-00000060 V1 as a temporary entrance for site maintenance and pre-development activities such as monitoring and testing to support further approvals.

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